Fee Transparency

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We receive no other forms of compensation from any other source. Period.

Our fee is calculated on a sliding scale based on total AUM. This fee includes portfolio management as well as all ongoing financial planning services. The only way we can increase our compensation is to grow your assets. Our goals are aligned, and we have an incentive to do all things in your best interest including:

  • Be mindful of fees
  • Minimize taxes
  • Help educate you on the investment vehicles best suited for you, and their associated fees
  • Empower you to make thoughtful financial planning decisions

When comparing wealth managers, it’s natural to compare fees.

Comparing fees for financial advice is difficult as there are many ways advisors are paid (commissions, % of assets, retainer, hourly, project‐based) and the scope of service and quality of advice varies widely. While no one fee structure is best for every situation, each structure can create certain behavior. For example, up‐front commissions do not require or reward ongoing service and hourly fees may encourage unnecessary work and analysis. Some fees are out in the open and some are hidden. Before making comparisons, you must understand ALL the ways a prospective advisor is paid, and ALL the services provided. When comparing wealth managers, the old adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” rings true.

Boardwalk Financial Strategies’ compensation comes from one source and one source only: our clients. We receive no commissions, hidden 12b‐1 fees (trailing annual commissions), or kickbacks of any kind. We do not sell any products. Compensation to Boardwalk Financial Strategies is based upon a percentage of assets under management (AUM).

As a fee‐only Registered Investment Adviser we are required to disclose any conflicts of interest (of which we have none). Because of this, our clients can be certain that each recommendation we provide is in their best interest.


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