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Portfolio Management is important for obvious reasons, but the positive impact of professional asset allocation and investment decision making is diminished if other aspects of your financial situation are not optimized.

Boardwalk believes in an integrated approach to wealth management and, regardless of your previous experience (as a do‐it‐yourself investor, or with another adviser), we are confident that our personal, high‐touch service, can help you better understand the market, and your options.

We begin the client onboarding process by getting to know you and your family.

Our approach is based upon a deep understanding of you, your current financial situation, future goals, and past investing experience. Armed with this information, we typically make personalized recommendations around tax and estate planning, asset protection, and risk control. Our recommendations may save you money in several ways ‐ via reduced mutual fund expenses, lower income and estate taxes, or through the potential for higher after‐tax investment returns.  We encourage you to review the case studies on this website to see the value delivered to a sample of clients.

While we’re getting your financial “house” in order, we will implement a diversified investment portfolio that is appropriate for you. Your portfolio should represent your risk tolerance, investment horizon, and liquidity needs. Boardwalk’s portfolio analysis and ongoing recommendations include your 401(k) and other retirement plans as well. Our highly intuitive portfolio strategy is designed to take risks that are properly compensated by the market (and avoid those that are not).

Boardwalk Financial Strategies measures success in an unusual but sensible way: progress towards your goals. We will make the most prudent changes to your financial plan and investment portfolio to help build your path forward.

Boardwalk Financial Strategies focuses heavily on financial planning. Using our proprietary Beyond the Portfolio checklist, we will help you review the following areas to ensure you are making thoughtful choices in all financial matters.

  • Personal Finance
  • Debt/Cash Flow Planning
  • Accumulation/Retirement Analysis
  • Tax Planning
  • Benefits Planning (including Social Security optimization)
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Education Planning
  • Estate Planning

Contact us to learn more about the Boardwalk approach to wealth management, and how to get started building your path forward.

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