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Client Case Studies

Review our case studies to learn how Boardwalk has helped clients recognize the positive impact of customized, comprehensive, and integrated financial planning.


Boardwalk Client Case Study: Retiree A retired couple found Boardwalk when they began losing confidence in the advisors they were using at their national

Busy Professional

Boardwalk Client Case Study: Busy Professional An executive and spouse came to Boardwalk when they realized that, like so many others, in the midst

Small Business Owners

Boardwalk Client Case Study: Small Business Owner The husband and wife owners of a small business were initially referred to Boardwalk for assistance with

We believe financial planning is more than just an incidental service, we believe it is the most critical step to long-term success.

It’s hard to reach your destination if you don’t know where you currently stand and if you don’t have a map. Following someone else’s map will get you moving, but only on a path to their destination, not yours. A comprehensive financial plan is like a map. Boardwalk Financial Strategies works with you to create your personal map–a path forward that is customized to your financial situation, your goals, your experiences, and your preferences. We believe in creating customized, comprehensive financial plans because this is the only thing that will guide you along the path to reach your specific goals.

Comprehensive financial planning goes far beyond the investment portfolio. Boardwalk’s Beyond the Portfolio process considers each individual client’s personal financial practices, cash flow planning, debt management, retirement planning, tax planning, employee/retiree benefits, insurance and risk management, college planning, and estate planning. Our planning approach is customized, comprehensive and integrated.

Boardwalk will guide you through optimizing all aspects of your financial situation. We begin with the areas of greatest urgency and opportunity, and systematically address all aspects of your financial situation. Because personal circumstances change, planning never really ends. We regularly review savings and spending goals as well as lifestyle preferences and changes. And because life’s journey never plays out exactly as you expect, we are there to help you avoid the potholes and get over life’s speed bumps. Working with Boardwalk ensures that you have access to the professional advice you need to make empowered decisions.

Unlike an investment portfolio where the outcome is based on factors largely out of your control, making consistently smart planning decisions is completely within your control, and has the benefit of a compounding effect that translates to tremendous value. Boardwalk helps you focus on what you can control, building your path forward.


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