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The Boardwalk Financial Strategies approach to investment advice is built on four principles:

  1. Extract the greatest returns the market will bear
  2. Use a low‐turnover, cost‐effective methodology, backed by Nobel Prize winning research
  3.  Focus on the factors you can control
  4. Provide a fiduciary standard of care

A Holistic Approach To Wealth Management

We don’t believe you can properly set an investment strategy without first understanding a client’s complete financial situation. Boardwalk Financial Strategies’ holistic approach to wealth management does not begin with a model portfolio, it begins with a conversation. We spend time to gain an in‐ depth understanding of your current financial situation, future goals, and past investing experience.

Armed with this knowledge, we will implement a highly diversified investment portfolio that incorporates your 401(k) and other retirement plans along with your unique preferences and experiences. Boardwalk Financial Strategies believes in an intuitive portfolio strategy designed to take risks that are properly compensated by the market and avoid those that are not.

We are not stock pickers, we are not product salesmen, we do not try to time the market. While most investment managers fail by trying to identify how the market is wrong, we believe in a proven formula of letting the market work for you while enhancing returns by leveraging Nobel Prize winning academic research. Boardwalk is able to tune out market “noise” and position our clients’ portfolios to build a path forward.

Let’s discuss your portfolio and help you uncover answers to common investor concerns:

  • Is my portfolio sufficiently diversified?
  • What are my current investment fees and how they compare to industry averages?
  • How might my portfolio perform in the event of another market crisis?
  • Is my portfolio strategy aligned with my goals?
  • Will I outlive my savings?

Let Boardwalk Financial Strategies provide a complimentary portfolio review, and help you understand your current portfolio positioning and how we can help you build a path forward.

Interested in a Complimentary Portfolio Review?