Planning Integration

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Experience the peace of mind that comes from not only having a path forward, but seeing it put into action. Learn more about how we have helped clients recognize the peace of mind that comes from having an integrated financial plan.

Knowledge. Experience. Cooperation. Coordination. Integration.

Building a path forward begins with building an integrated plan to help you and your family reach your financial goals. Boardwalk has significant experience in the areas of taxation, estate planning, and insurance. We “speak the language” of the professionals in these areas, making us uniquely qualified to ensure your financial plan is carefully crafted, thoughtfully integrated, and professionally executed.

Boardwalk works collaboratively with the other professionals on your advisory team, and our breadth and depth of experience serving high net worth clients allows us to operate in a quarterback role toward this purpose. Our collaborative approach ensures the important details are not lost in translation and that every relevant fact is discovered and understood—even the ones that may initially seem unrelated.

If a particular area of expertise is missing from your advisory team (qualified tax preparer, estate planning attorney, insurance broker), Boardwalk has a broad network of professionals that serve as a resource to our clients. We can quickly access specialized expertise when necessary.

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